Thursday, July 17, 2008

Be careful what you wish for

yesterday I got called at 0900 by Sponny. Apparently my PCM wanted to see me earlier than my apointment on the 29th, but I never got the phone call. So I got an apointment at 1000. Well I showed up, and they seemed somewhat confused. They signed me in. And I didn't have that long to wait. As usual they got my vitals (BP was 146/80!!!) I decidded since it was probably my last time, I'd give the LPN my "lucky" 25th ID patch. She promptly put it on her wall.

It was one of the quickest visits to Doctor Repert I've ever had. I mean serously it seemed like everyone was in a rush to get me the hell out of there. I know that should have made me a little bit suspicious, but like a fool I just went along with it.

I went to see my squad leader and showed him the RTD memo, and all that jazz, and then I got really nervous when they called me cack at 1400. Then I knew I was in trouble. and just like that I was out of 2nd platoon and into the outprocessing platoon. It was so quick I didn't know what hit me. So to all I say this "be careful what you wish for you just might ger it."

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