Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th

on July 4th 1776, The Founding Fathers signed a document that outlined the principles for which this nation would be founded. While today we may take for granted this document, and the constitution which followed it, at the time, it was a landmark document. Yet the rest of that year almost ensured that it was only a foot note. It could easily be said that the latter part of 1776 was some of the darkest times for the revolution.

Despite what hippies, Libtards, and so called "progressives" might have you think, this country and its military go hand in hand. While this has not always been a good thing as with the paranoia durring the 50's and 60's when America abandons it's military, the result is social chaos. The military as a whole is a stabalizing factor. Many of the folks that would have ended up in jail or worse, often go on to not only be productive but leaders of their comunities. The Army came first, as well as the Navy and Marine Corps. 1775 whas when these three services began their existance, and it is clear that every major expansion in our society has either been made possible, or been because of the military.

For example the industrial boom at the turn of the century in 1900 was made possible by the massive industrial efforts laid down durring the Civil War. The westard expansion would not have been possible with out US Cavalry guarding the major trails, and many of the inventions we know and depend on today came because of military aplications. Teflon, Plastics, GPS, Cell Phones, the helicopter, Rockets, satalites, the list goes on and on. Truth is that America will never be able to completly divorce itself from its armed forces.

On this day a lot is spoken of the sacrafices made to ensure that this country continues to exist. Indeed sacrafice seems to be what makes America so great. From the words of MG Durbin at the Kansas Vietnam memorail, he made it clear that people will forget in time what was said. Even recorded words and things that people try to preserve for posterity, will eventually with time fade. What lasts far longer is our actions. So while people can say any number of things, like one liberal blogger saying Patriotism is a bad thing (akin no less to religion being the #1 killer of people) ot the vet that says with out it this country is doomed. What you say doesn't really matter. Like whispering in the wind, your words will fade away. What matters is how you move foward. Do you take what is given to you and (through no fault of your own of course) destroy it for your own selfish means? Or do you cherish it, like a newborn child, and pass it off to the next genaration as such for them to trust and care for? The choice is yours. Why don't you do something about it?

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