Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hospital food=poison?

if there is one universal truth that I have learned in my time in the healthcare buisness, it is this: no matter what hospital you go to, or who flipps the bill, the food will be awful!!! Irwin Army Comunity Hospital (IACH) and when I was there Carl R. Darnell Army Medical Center (CRDAMC formerly Darnell Army Comunity Hospital or DACH) were no exceptions. The DACH DFAC (Dinning FACility) was not the best on post in fact if Ihad a choice (which working the night shift I often didn't) I'd go to Raider DFAC, or one of the many other ones on post.

Now because of gas and monitary concerns, I'm eating strictly out of the DFAC and not driving anywhere, so Devil's Den (1st Bde's DFAC, and as far as I know the only one runing on Custer Hill) is out of the question. That leaves the uber crappy IACH DFAC. I don't care what they serve, the main line (the "good food") looks like something you just shat out. Even the short order (fast food) looks, and tastes, like K-rats.

I can only imagine what the poor patients feel, the poor bastards that have no choice in their diet. They kind of have to eat whatever is put in front of them. No matter how I try to hide the flavor of the food I get, either by smothering it with condements, or holding my nose and washing it down with water or soda as quick as possible, there is no way to hide the fact that the food tastes a little off. Which probably explains why I've been feeling so crappy lately.

Mud Butt, Bubble Guts, and POMA (Pissin' Out My Ass) aside my stomach HURTS!!! I suppose I should have figgured this would happen but lets face it, there is little a poor broke soldier can do but bitch and moan, and hope the Imodium he got from sick call works. I already know from the pain in my gut, and the way I've had to go to the toilet ever half hour, that tonight is not going to be fun. I've had Acute GastroEnteritis (AGE) far too many times. Now the cause is almost always food in some way shape or form. so I want to thank the IACH DFAC from the bottom of my severely swelling intestins for the night of FUN i'm about to have. WAY TO GO TEAM!

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