Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here we go again.

Amid talk of reducing the DoD, and counter talk of a "Hallowed out Force", we get Iran making waves.  They recently threatened to attack if the US moved a Carrier into the Gulf.  This threat is somewhat laughable when you consider that Iran was never a really power when it comes to Naval forces, though they have recently come to our hemisphere to conduct joint exercises with Venezuela (another country that absolutely loves us) .  Now the US is sending a Carrier group to the Arabian Sea.  The USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) the same carrier they dumped Osama off the back of, is now headed to the Arabian Sea

Now we are all used to saber rattling.  This is something new.  See normally the Saber rattlers would back down *eventually* because they could be certain if they actually provoked the US we could or would bomb them back into the stone age.  Iran knows that on the stocks we have now, we have the capability to do so, but they do not believe we have the Will to do so. Further our own government is hobbled by debt, and unable to steer a course though.

Where does that leave us?  Do we dare back down?  Certainly there are more than enough assets in country that you don't need a carrier off the coast (which has to fly through Pakistan)  to provide Close Air Support (CAS).  But a Carrier Battle Group is one of the things that is one of the more visible pieces of foreign policy.  Its like having a Queen on a Chess board, she can go anywhere do anything, and most certainly can ruin your day if you're not paying attention.

Sometimes they carry Nukes, their support ships are enough to make a bad day for any surface threat, and can be detached to prowl, a couple of 688 (Los Angeles Class)   Submarines could ruin a surface ships day.  As of yet the Iranian Navy does not have anything equlivant to a Carrier Battle Group in firepower.  So its a no brainer to us at least. 

So what is the Ace in the hole?  Why are they certain they can manage this threat?  Its a question we should be asking.  We are always certain of victory.  But we ought to start questioning this more and more, with the drastic cuts made, one must wonder how long our winning streak will continue. 

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