Friday, January 20, 2012

When you talk about what "they" should do

Stop me if you've heard this one before, "they should pave the roads better, these roads are ridiculous." $5 says you've probably made a statement just like that. What exactly you said doesn't really matter you wanted some unseen entity probably the Gub'ment to come in and fix shit. Chances are this is not limited to roads either. Violence in Mexico? They should send troops to the border (which actually happened) to prevent that. Health care cost too much? Well how do you think we got the Abortion that lived that is Obamacare?

What's worse the average citizen demands that issues X, Y and, Z be fixed but never bother to suggest how, or bother to check up on the follow through. What results are laws that are not in keeping with  any semblance of American Values, Morals, or even what common sense dictates is practical. When you bitch people listen. That the people that listen are in a position not to be directly (not even closely) affected by said laws tends to show exactly why you must watch what you bitch about and to whom. Lastly do not assume that when these laws ARE implemented that your best interests are at heart.

If you don't check up on issues, if you bitch and moan about an issue then they throw out a bill with a catchy name, that *seems* to solve the problem... How can you complain when they start slipping other things into the bills? They pacified you. Why should you care that you lost your liberty in the process? Babies are now safe from Earthquake Induced Shaken Baby Syndrome!!! Even if the whole house falls around them.

Environmental legislation is another knee-jerk place where men make not only a fool but a damn fool of themselves. Take the 70's. Then we were worried about global cooling. So worried in fact we (no shit) were about to implement a plan to put black reflective sands on the poles. Fortunately cooler heads (pun intended) prevailed. Same could be said for Ethanol. Remember how it was going to save the planet and it HAD to be at least 10% of car gas or we'd all be doomed? Turns out it REDUCES gas milage and, surprise surprise turns out that extra oxygen molecule creates more (that would be the opposite of less) CO2.

Republicans are not immune to this either. What is that drum beat they always sound? Reduce taxes? It's great for private sector growth. . . Unless you forget to reduce spending. Unfortunately since the New Deal and the Great Society, you CAN'T reduce spending unless you don't mind spending years trying to undo the damage of even talking about curtailing social welfare spending.

So whose responsible? Which they should we (more specifically you) blame? While one party mor than the other is responsible for our current woes (here's a hint they're acting like jack asses) the truth is the "they" that you should blame is the person that states back at you in the mirror.

You complain to your leaders, and demand things then don't bother to read the "solutions" posed unless someone with an iota of foresight calls them out on it. You fail to demand accountability. You fail to oust Representatives and Senators when they treat their office as God given right and not a position of servitude. I understand, your busy, life is a mess. Bills to pay. All that. But unless YOU stand up and demand ownership, this country will cease to be By Of and For the People. So instead of asking "what are THEY going to do about it?" ask "what am I going to do about it?"


Death said...

Well said, Doc. We have a responsibility. Americans are definitely placated by superficial soundbites that rarely go past talk.

Death said...

ok, that was actually booRadley. sorry. ....shuffles feet....

Anonymous said...

So sorry to reach out to you here but don't see any e-mail address for you on the site. Very briefly, I am writing a book on what happens to men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan once they come home -- and to the families of those who did not make it back. I intend to have a chapter on combat medics and other medical professionals, found your site and would love to talk to you about your experiences and, if you approve, perhaps include you in my book. If interested, please send me a note -- and I will tell you more. Thank you -- and thank you for your service.


The Mad Medic said...

Well Bob, I tried your E-mail but I have yet to get a response. Try