Monday, January 9, 2012

While you were at work

I make no secret of the fact that I work at a Walmart.  Actually its not so much a secret as a truth I would rather not admit.  Well today and yesterday were pretty big games as far as importance go, and apparently they were also bug games in their awesomeness.  The Falcons got a saftey, which is all they got, the Saints crushed the Lions, Tebow deliver the Coup de Gras to the Stealers Playoff ambitions (in one amazing play) and I'm entirely sure I'm missing someone in there. 

But my happy ass was at Walmart.  I was "Zoning" and "putting out features" oblivious to the awesomness that was going on.  I get that its a Job I get that I have to support myself but for the love of God, I have not gotten to see one damn game in over a year.  I didn't get to see the Mountaineers play this season, I didn't get to see the Chargers play at all, nor the Patriots, nor whoever played the Raiders or Stealers. 

This is not new to me.  I didn't get to see the 2004 superbowl.  I'm told it was a good one.  I missed it, because it happened to start at 0200 in Kuwait, and I had to be up and at 'em bright and chipper, ready to go for the Convoy up to Kirkuk.  I don't really begrudge missing the 2004 Superbowl, or the 2004 season, nor even the '07 season.  That was Duty.  I get that.  But here I am, in America and completely unable to watch even one stinking game. 

I have come to the conclusion that while working at Wallymart I can go ahead and kiss my social live goodbye.  I can also kiss away a large portion of the faith I once held in humanity.  Why? Well. . . If I told you just how much of a stereotype (the worst kind of white trash sometimes) the customers are. . . you wouldn't believe me (or think me a racist).  I have a rant coming about theft and touching shit that you haven't bought yet, but for now, it just blows monkey balls how I do not get to watch my god damn games!

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UpNorth said...

Been there, done it, too. While I worked there, the only football I saw was either on Monday(night off) or during breaks.