Saturday, January 7, 2012


Every writer has a "style". Since I have never really been published per se, in printed form (I did get on This Ain't Hell) But That is neither here nor there. Since I think I have all of Zilch in readership I think it's pretty safe to say no one will ever read this post, and thus I needn't concern myself with people actually taking my advise.

If you're going to write here the biggest piece of advise I can give you, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY FIRST. You can talk about "shit weasels" as Stephen King did in Dream Catcher, but so long as you *generally* know what the hell you're gonna say, you can usually excrete a good story.

Much like flying an Airplane you want to know where you want to be 5 minuets before you get there. Why? because if you try to decide you're not where you want to be when you're in that moment you've probably passed the point you're in trouble or you just crashed.

In the same way, the story has to flow naturally from you. It doesn't matter if its sex, violence comedy or literally you describing how good (or bad) your Coffee was this morning, know what you want to say!

I stress this point because I have really REALLY bad ADHD, so I can wander. Sometimes if you're writing that can be a good thing. you get lost in the story. I like to do whats called "free form" In essence I pick a direction and go. Sadly the very thing that makes me good at writing short stories makes me suck at follow through. I have two stories in the works. I've only gotten a few pages in either one, but really If I manage to get over a hundred on Word I'll be pleased as punch. I'll worry about "fleshing it out" later, and editing. . . well if I ever do get published in print form. . . I better hire someone for that.

so thats my advise for today kiddos. Take it or leave it. YMMV


Joseph W. said...

Let me add some advice from Mark Twain's "More Maxims of Mark" -

"The time to start writing an article is just when you think you have finished it to your satisfaction."

By then you really do know what you want to say, and if you do some serious work on revising and rewriting, you may end up with something good and readable.

The Mad Medic said...

I try not to take Karl Marx's advise too often, but yes you do have a point.

I try to finish what I'm writing first, because if I go back before I'm done I'll start getting a little disjointed. Having severe ADHD I sometimes need an editor. I will try to polish some and try to give more soon