Friday, January 6, 2012

Paul Bots

I really can not stand Ron Paul supporters. For one thing they're as bad as Liberals when it comes to their idea of Truth (capitalization is not a typo) . See there's these things called facts. Neither Liberals nor Paulbots can be bothered with facts when there's the Truth! Never mind that they tend to be talking about things they have no real understanding of.

Take this charming clip for instance. Now there's a couple of really important things that are very wrong with this picture. I'll take them in turn but really in no particular order

1). The neck Tattoo. I don't care if it says "Jesus is my Homeboy" it is way, way WAY outside the Regs. Go look up AR 670-1. I'm not going to post the link here, because I know it will take you all of five seconds to Google. The skinny is where it is, is quite frankly unacceptable. it's unprofessional, and should be regarded as such.

2). Again AR 670-1 which governs wear of the uniform, you are not authorized to wear a uniform at ANY political event, because you are representing the Army. To the public you may as well have said "the Army supports Ron Paul" which it can not do because it has and remains sworn to the Commander in Chief, that happens to be Barrak H. Obama.

3). he was not on active duty at the time, so him going to vote at the time in his uniform is sketchy to say the least. But even if he had just rushed from the Reserve Armory, he should not have gone on CNN.

4). look at the comments. CNN apparently cut him off on purpose when he started mentioning Israel. . . WTF? Really? Seriously read some of the comments. Blame dem JOOOS! I kninda thought that the idea of a vast conspiracy of "international Jewry" went out with Mien Kampf but apparently not.

now you may take issue with the first three if you have never served a day in uniform. Some of the comments called him a hero for speaking out. I speak out all the time. No one calls me a Hero. .oO(must be because I say what they don't want to hear). Be that as it may, many of the commentators on this particular clip are really upset that the military is "silencing" these "brave young men" who we apparently need more of. That is fine if we want a military full of Shit Bags that can't find its ass from a hole in the ground.

I know this may come as a shock, but when you raise your right hand you lose pretty much all your rights as a US citizen. You fall under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which can dictate pretty much anything. Desert in a battle and your CO can legally shoot you. Believe me that goes way beyond "silencing" anyone. These rules are there because the UCMJ is all about war, and War has to, by its very nature, have very different rules than civilian life.

These are all fact. Facts which shouldn't get in the way of Truth. Hence why Paul supporters are Idiots.

then there's this clip.

Chem trails. . . I suppose the fact that Airplane Engines are typically on the order of 500 degrees and the surrounding air at 40,000 feet is in the -20 range has nothing to do with it. . . I get the logical leap a 3 year old might make. Crop dusters flying low to the ground have no "trail" until they're spraying. Planes up really high have a visible trail that they don't have low to the ground er go. . .spraying. But that doesn't account for the B-17 formations in WWII

Or here

So again facts are so pesky.

Paul is so good at parroting Liberal lines with a smattering of Libertarian, really its a wonder the Republican Party ever took him back after he left in the 80's. What anyone can possibly see in his qualifications for the Presidency is beyond me, but then YMMV.

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