Monday, June 30, 2008

Country Stampeede *FINALLY!!!*

As I said the ride back from Jared and Amanda's wedding was a long one, and I was tired as hell. After stopping in Topika to pick up the passenger who wanted to go too, I made it back to my room (somehow) and absolutly CRASHED. Well I *had* intended to go see Charlie Daniels bad at 1600. and stay for the rest of the show. As it stood I only wook up intime for Rodney Atkins. Still really a good show. And the whole scene was funny as hell. Bunch of drunk stupid collage kids. little bit of streaking, and really good corn dogs.

Well the long and the short of it, I saw Gary there, walked around a lot, and listened to some good music. But over all I think sleep would have been better if it had come after the concert. I really liked it. I just wish I'd been able to see more of it. Erika, couldn't be reached for said concert. So I randomly asked people I knew. I'm not sure the dude that ended up comming with liked it, other than to look at all the drunk collage chicks. More power to him. Me, well not so much.

In the end the lines to get OUT were ten times worse than getting in. We got a breif dinner at MikeyD's (MacDonnalds for you special people) I drove him back to Topeka, down a back road which I'd never been on before. Well we got lost in the bad part of topeka looking for this dude's house. Eventually he had a cab pick him up and take him home. Now this is where the fatuge REALLY got better of me. It took way too long to get back, but once I crashed out in my room well I was dead to the world.

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