Monday, December 4, 2006

The Alien in My Chest

Good God almighty, i am sick as a dog. I am "walking wounded", so it's not severe enough to sign in to the ER again, but it is bad enough that i am getting winded if I walk more than a couple of steps. Actually I'm slightly winded in a resting position. It is not a good thing. I can't find the meds I took home with me last night. Not cool.

The problem is I feel like i've got one of those nice little chest busters from Alien sigging inside my chest. I hope i don't ACTUALLY have one of those but you never know. of course that'd mean i'm in for a horrible death. but hey i'm a soldier, that's one of the risks.

It's nice to know that even though I think I sound like a doped up hypoconcdriac Lisa is still behind me. Serously that woman gives me reasons to smile when shit hits the fan. Of course i havn't talked to her as much as i would have liked in the past few days. not much could be done about that. I was bed ridden and barely able to move on the second, and the third well she was busy. I'm happy for the tid bits i do get.

Good news, sort of, Sam wrote a polite nastygram last night. It's good that SOMEONE finally is saying something about the poor treatment the Medics are recieving at the hands of the civillian nurses. I am half tempted to do the same thing when i go to work next time. I've been holding back a tirade since (WEST FREAKING POINT!!!) april, which was exacerbated by all the idiocy I went through trying to get to a line unit (1ST CAV ANYONE!?!) and the hoops i went through to finally land with a bitch deal for re-enlistment. It will be hard not to be scathing.

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