Sunday, December 3, 2006

Get Down With the Sickness

It started off as a mild headache, then progessed rapidly on to searing pain and dizzyness. It ended up with me siging in at the ER (good thing i work there, i got seen pretty quickly). I got some pretty good drugs, and that held me over. It was really intresting trying to walk home. Morphine makes the world a weird place.

Yesterday was nothing but bed rest. It was hard to roll over and go back to sleep again and again and again, but then again (i need to stop saying again so much) it was HARDER to get out of bed and do, well, anything.

This morning I woke up, *mostly* headache free but now i've got what feels like a bruise on my hip and joint pain in my elbows. Also i have a lot of coughting, that is sometimes productive. To top it all off i have the awful taste of vomit in my mouth that neither brushing nor mouthwash has been able to get rid of. It is making me feel like crap. My stomach is already feeling bad enough.

And sadly, my quarters is up. So it's in to work for me tonight. I really don't want to go into work, especially since I am JUST starting to recover to the point that i can actually be ambulitory to more than just my bathroom.

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