Saturday, December 9, 2006


A lot of people don't like Balls. The formal kind or testicles. I personally like my own testicles, but i'm sick of having to look at other people's testicles. But that's COMPLETLY beside the point. I went to the AMEDD (Army MEDical Department) formal holiday ball. I have to admit it's nice to get together. I got in my dress Greens (class A's with a white collared shirt and a bow tie) and I realized whoever designed that damm thing never had to do anything in it. it may look good, but the damm thing is a pain in the but to wear. be that as it may it was still fun. Everyone got all dressed up (I was FLOORED at how well Hansen and Jodi shined up and that Hansen is pregnant)

I saw Ch Luckie, Dawn, Carrol, Amanda, the two NCOs i did CQ with (i have to admit they both shined up REALLY well. I keep saying that. Formal gowns have a way of making me bable like a prepubesant) I also saw Major Richter (my commander in Iraq ah good ol Charlie) and of cours SFC Garcia, SGT Reeser, and a few other people. I had a hard time eating, again do to the Class A's coat. I also had a hard time drinking the beer Major Richter bought me.

I have to mention the 12 days of AMEDD. It's baisically the 12 Days of Christmas with an AMEDD twist. I had 12 deadlined Hummers. Of course the problem is that around five there was a train wreck of sorts. so it was funny to hear 4 tables of people shouting things at different times. as it was i only got 4 docs in surgery and a trip to the SRP. It was a train wreck to say the least. It was funny though. I laughed my ass off.

The night ended with the Brass getting inducted into MOrder of merit for military medicne (or something like that) of course it was all COL LTC and SGM's. no chance in hell that I'd get into it unless I were like a really big wig. I hate it when they parade around the brass and be like "we did such a good job in all our years of service" now don't get me wrong i'd love one of those merit thingies (but you can only wear it at balls so what is the point, kinda like Audie Murphy)

After that was the dancing, but i wasn't fool enough to stick around for that. i stayed long enough to see Dinese Ah Young (i was on the sidelines with her husband that was holding all the stuff ie purse) and Daown Whippo, Amanda Carrol and a few others do the electric slide. I wasn't fool enough to join them. But still it was worth a laugh. and that really ended the night for me.

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You and balls... remember the "Welcome Back to Paradise" ball?