Monday, December 11, 2006

Foot in Mouth Disease

I have to do a quick blurb about this. I'm not normally an asshole, but on occasion the things i say if taken out of context can be taken the WRONG way. I mean REALLY wrong. So today i did one of my ever infamous insert foot into mouth moments and commented that Lisa could probably have a loud and very obnoxious fart, and guys would love her for it. I can't really help it. I mean after all it seems like every guy on the face of the planet likes lisa, so I was being a smart ass. I've been known to be worse. . .

Of course the worst part is that I often say things that i don't mean or talk about things that hurt other people. Last night i let it slip that i was in a situation where i'd have gotten shot if i didn't eat Iraqi food. well it was an exaguration but not by much. that sheik was a real shifty dude. the problem: the woman's husband is in Iraq right now. I swear to God i really hate this about myself .

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