Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Like a shot of morphine it was NEARLY painless

Ok so my freaking out was apparently COMPLETLY unwarented. i mena i am nearly clear of post, all i have to do is one tiny thing at the Koplend Center, my HHG is getting picked up tommorow, and i can breathe a sigh of relief. I guess with a little luck the last sections will be a breeze. Here's hoping.

There are so many things I want to do, for my memories. Get a video tour of the ER, get a picture next to that big Johnson City sign (maybe even Hope in the way up) oh Johnson city "home of Lyndon B. Lohnson" and Hope Ak "birthplace of Pres Clinton" a good pic of III Corps, maybe a piucture of every X-mas tree in sight, lots of pics of the Garzas, start the first anual Hood Nude marathon, though admiditly with some of the military wives that's not a good idea. actually it's a sickening idea.

I am almost gone!!! i don't know how life could be better. It's like a dream i don't really feel like i'm leaving Ft Hood, i can't belive i have such a wonderful girlfriend, and i can't belive how much she loves me. It is all so good. If this is a dream i never want to wake up.

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marketteperson33 said...

well you will soon be out of that so called hell hole. and i know deep down you are going to miss it so much! and you knwo it too! ok you go running around nude without me there we will have to have a talk! you got that Mr? and im not the best girlfriend out there. there are so many better. i just work with what i got! and yes, i love you with all my heart!