Monday, December 18, 2006

The Crazieness of Life and clearing.

I will start off by saying i am a night owl. I have been ever since i got to Ft Hood. The problem that comes from this is that there is this whole sleeping in thing. I slept till 1100. I had my alarm set for 1000 but i just couldn't bring myself to get my lazy ass out of bed. That will prbably change. Anyway i thought i could just go to the ER print up a DA 137-1 (or something like that) and be on my way. No such luck.

And the best part of all while i'm messing around with the shift leader computer they had a CPR in progress 5 feet to my 3 oclock. That's the seccond time that that's happened to me. First time was a baby, and after that i just kinda went to EMT class. It makes me wonder, when death is nothing more than a passingf currosity, what does that say to me. I've had friends die while i was here, and i felt . . . nothing. As a defense mechanism i have detached myself. I wade in death as people waded into tide pools in Hawaii. Lisa makes me feel alive, so i guess there's hope after all.

After that i tried to run over to PAC office to get my unit clearing papers. Of course they left for lunch. It was 1115, i don't remember leaving for lunch till 1130 but i'm not going to gripe about these POGs. I had to go home and wait. It was not easy. I simply sat there trying HARD not to fall asleep. After eating lunch at 1230, and wolfing it all down (heart burn anyone) i rushed over there and of course it took too much time. I was sitting there eying my watch, panicing because i had to pick up my post clearing papers at 1315. I finally did get there, and again i was still panicing because i had baisically 15 mins before the finance breifing.

Funny thing i got there with plenty of time to spare. It was a huge load off my back. After that i spent the rest of the day clearing. It was somewhat easy, but not as easy as i would have liked. there's all these sections you have to go to that have prerequisites, and they are only open from certen hours (usually at the same time). Here's what I don't get. If they're in the office ALL FREAKING DAY, WHY CAN'T THEY JUST TAKE YOU AT ANY TIME?!? Well to make a long story short i got a lot more done than i thought i would. Still there are a lot of things i have to wonder if they're optional. I mean i pretty much had today tommorow, and thursday to clear. HHG pickup is 0800-1800 which pretty much locks me down. WTF! As you can no doubt tell it makes life interesting. GWell LIsa is still the highlight of my day, so I can't complain TOO much

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marketteperson33 said...

well im glad i can bring you back! your my world and i cant lose you! keep your head up. you have to be there for when i go to basic!