Friday, December 1, 2006

Driving Over the Edge.

Something that truly gets me crazy is the constant change of schedule. The Er is never certain, but it is important to have at least SOME regularity to your life. I am sick of getting called into work on "emergency" shifts because the CNAs were too lazy to show up (though to be fair Mrs Sanchez isn't among those) I am tired of "shit rolling down hill" and I always catch the worst of it. Too bad I haven't mastered the art of the "Sham Shield".

It also gets me depressed that any sense of a life is completely subservient to my department. It is one thing to work somewhere, where OCCASIONALLY they have emergencies and call you in, and you have to work odd hours. But this ER is always on the verge of collapse. It truly pains me that I am the one that has to save the day. I mean don't get me wrong I do it out of habit, but i don't get treated like crap for doing it.

Of course the Financial situation is going to drive me over the edge. I can not believe I spent over $1000 on just pictures. I suppose it is best for the people i can't be with to have visual reminders of me. Of course it's also excessively vain. Well I hope people like them.

I am going Nuts. I am going crazy because of this place. I tell everyone (that will listen) that this was the worst year of my life (including the one i spent in Iraq). The Light at the end of the tunnel is the PCS to Ft Riley. The light that keeps me from going Completly postal. Not so much a shooting rampage, more like pistol whipping the more annoying people. Ernie would be first, and maybe a few of the pansy people that are always trying to get out of stuff.

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