Thursday, December 14, 2006

MasCal, and the Post Clearing papers

The day started off, actually at around 2:45 yesterday i showed up for work, for a 2 shift (1445-2315), and i had done a 3 shift the night before (2245-0715) SFC Garcia saw how tired i was and told me to go home and come back for a 3 shift. so I went home, went to sleep (it really does make a difference a few hours sleep). Of course I tried not to work. I was shaming HARDCORE. It was the last shift, and I was not trying to do ANYTHING. I was having a long debate with SPC Wenzel about Zombie movies. finally a dork as big as I am.

I had to stay up. I had a Breifing at 0945, the briefing you have to get before you pick up your post clearing papers. The problem is that at about 0800 they called me in for a MasCal excersize. Last time it took many hours to be done (and i hurt my foot) This time they just wanted me to pull security. Funny thing, I'd already told everybody that would listen that i had to go to this breifing. i told them 0900. good thing too, they kept me till 0845 gaurding a door. I told EVERYBODY that would listen i really HAD to go. but sadly it was all in vain. in the end their dependance on me was a really BAD thing as it shortchanged one of the treatment teams out of a medic. Of course if they had done what they had said they were going to do (release me as soon as i got in) then it would have been alright.

Technically i should have gone to this briefing a couple of days ago. But to tell the truth i'd either slept through it, or wasn't interested. what can i say i'm human. to make a long story short i am baisically hosed by my need to sleep. Damm Ft Hood doesn't make clearing easy. Schofield was WAY easier. I Picked up my pictures and all, they look good. and after that i went to sleep that pretty much wraps up the day.

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