Sunday, December 17, 2006

A little WAHOO, and a bunch of YIPPIE AYE KI AYS

Good news, Pretty much my only reader (Lisa) is now officially my GF. Of course the "official" position and definition of what people are always confises me, and it's really like a bad episode of Friends. The point is, well i knew it would happen. it was kind of a certainty in my mind, but it wasn't so in Lisa's. Her greatest worry is (well understandable) that she will cheat on me, or in some way screw it up. I can see why she is worried. I can't help but believe in her, even when she doesn't have faith in herself.

Last night we took a little time to poke fun. Well the thing is that hind sight is 20/20. I saw things one way she saw things another. I was poking fun at her time in AZ and she poked fun at the night i was drunk and was obsessing about um someone. lol. Well there were a few great needled back and forth. lots of fun lol. I was happy none the less. it was the first time i've actually talked to lisa since she left AZ.

so what does this mean? well really it doesn't change anything right now. I mean it's not like i can run over there tommorow, hang out for a few mins, spread some smooches, and drive back. Nope not gonna be that easy. I pretty much have to wait till the 26th, when i fly back, and i have to drive out. great stuff.

This comming week is going to be rough. I mean i baisically have to clear post (and the hospital) in about three working days. I hate the fact that this is all last minuet. I mean i still havn't worked it all out, and i'm going to have to run form on point to another all day long. Fortunatly CIF will be easy. For the most part i havn't left too much of a foot print in this post. Hopefully (for the most part) i'll just show up, be like "hi i'm leaving" get my stamp and leave. Yea like that'll ever happen.

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marketteperson33 said...

awww... its ok your my only reader too lol. and im sorry it was taking me so long to see the person right there, you! but i did and its better late then never! i wish you could come and see me right now. just hold me in your arms and be there. but thats just going to have to happen when you come see me! till thin *kiss* is just going to have to do!