Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Battles of Friendship

It can be said, and perhaps rightly so that the battles between friends are often the hardest fought, and often the most bitter. A perfect example is Laertes and Hamlet. Once Best of friends, turned bitter enemies by the King's scheming. Thus it is with Lisa and Cassie. One betrayal leads to another. Acusation leads to counter acusation and I, being friend to both, am caught in the middle.

The terrible part is that Lisa is now happy. Her situation has done a 180. She is in a house, and she has space. She is perhaps even more alone than before. As before, it is far more important to I am happy that she is doing better, and yet the manner in which her situation has changed does distress me. Call it being a consumate Boy Scout (Eagle Scout actually.) But I am obsessed with doing the right thing always. I am finding out little tid bits about Cassie and the terrible situation Lisa was in.

On the other side, Cassie, despite whatever can be said about her is probably in a desperate situation. It is hard to be high and lofty when people suffer. my first inclination is to take a small amount of that retention bonus and go save Cassie from her situation. I offered to do just that. I am not trying to get reward. in fact i am terrible. when i have money i can't give it away fast enough. Even when i do something for myself I often do things on the side for others.

Ultimatly whatever happens I doubt it will directly affect me. As much as i have been involved in the pas couple of days, I am removed from the situation geographically. If not, i would probably be far more involved. Where do my Loyalties lie? Women are exceptionally good at complicationg matters.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that i have done this to you! i was thinking about this the hole time on the bus! you are one of the only people that has been there for me and i cant lose that. i my be happy but thats only b/c you said that you where not mad and that you could never be. but on the bus i was so worried to tell you how i really feel about you b/c i dont want to move to fast for you b/c i mean i just did end the hole thing with stephen and i dont want you to feel like you have to worry about that i mean b/c we are still talking and we will be staying friends. and i know its hard for guys to let there girlfriends be friends with there exboyfriends. and cassie, cassie, cassie. she hurt me more then anyone knows (even you) she sent me to where she was with the idea that i was just going to help her and HER MOM out and then her mom up and leaves b/c she cant take cassie anymore. ok thats got to say something there. her mom already left her (yes i feel bad for what i did but as my mom said that i need to stop worring aobut what others think and take care of myself) i have to take care of myself so that i can help others out! i think we just need to talk abou this hole "us" thing more!