Sunday, November 26, 2006

A little Photoshop Goes a Long Way.

I just got back from the Mall, not really christmas shopping. More on a whim than anything else I went in to get shoes. I had my waterproof shoes on, and I was sweating like a deer in hunting season. I got a nice pair of shoes that ware fare more comfortable (or maybe it was juts the insoles). and i stopped by to say hello to Ann. While there i happened to get cornered by a sales person at Glamor shots. I had been eyeballing them for a long time. Professional photographers and such.

Well on thursday I'm going to get my photos taken. I'm planning on one shot (maybe two) in civvies, Two in ACUs (one with scrub top and stethascope) the rest will be in Class A's. I plan on getting might a few wallets, a few that can be framed, and probably a CD. Of course I will be getting Christmas Cards. It's the least I can do (send out x-mas cards). I'm already streched out for X-mas gifts and i still have to get something for mom and dad. Of course this will go to Grandma and Grandpa, they'd love it (they've never taken down the photos of me in that STUPID safari outfit. Hell i think they still had my baby pictures up when last i was there. It does show a natural progression. It might be worth a look.

I can not deny a certain amount of vainity in this matter. Of course i want to look good. the fact that my latest photo on Hot or Not is sitting at 8.9 is not only flattering (and bewildering) but it definatly boosted my ego WAY too much. i think any more stroking of my ego and my head might explode. Still I want something people (Lisa especially) can take with them. Something to remember me by.

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Unknown said...

My hot or not is at 5.6. Just so you know.