Monday, November 27, 2006

The Last Pound of Flesh

Darnell has always been good at exacting it's pound of flesh. I have often talked to many soldiers that have been at the mercy of this hospital that is very inconciderate of the people that work for it. To be fair a certain amoutn of beuracracy is nessisary, however Darnell always takes it one step furthere. Shuffling patients lik cards, I have talked to people who are close to their death beds saying they were offered an appointment three weeks out. Working here i espect no less. It is no surprise i never trusted these people with my medical records.

Today i had to get my PCS leave signed. the down side is that i have duty 25 Dec. That's right i have duty on X-mas day. Well obviously i can't pull duty and take leave at the same time (seeing as i plan on being home at that point). I got duty section (reluctanty) to sigh it. SGM Torres didn't want to do that though. Of course there's always the pickle of hey who's going to pull this duty, we don't want to screw Joe Snuffy. but then that means i'm screwed. The end result SFC Garcia is pulling Duty Driver on the 25th. That is like three grades below him, and that's a REAL big deal.

Of course after all that noise i had to retype the whole damm thing, and re submit it to 1SG. I've finally gotten it all approved so now what do I do? nothing. Wait for Orders, because without orders i can't clear. Baisically i have to do the crazy "run around like a crazy man" and clear at super speed (no doubt working the whole time). Best part, and this is just salt on the wound. I don't think i'm getting a PCS award. Would have been nice to get an ARCOM but well not enough time.

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