Wednesday, November 22, 2006

War and Rememberance

I face a deployment again. It is something that i wanted, and yet, as i stand at the precapise, i find myself hesitant. As must usually be the case when the time comes to match actions to words. I am sorry that it now comes at a point that i find i do not want to leave. I think back on my buddies from ambulance.

I miss them, and i think back to the trials we faced. I think about Eggersdourf (fourth from left) my partner. He was my battle buddy, and he is out there now. I ask myself, here, safe, how can i complain? I can at least see Lisa. He can not see his son, and he is in a crappy situation. I can not begin to explain my shame. I complain about trivial things, and my partner is out there. 2-27 is getting fucked up.

I can not begin to explain the joy i feel, knowing that lisa is contemplating a relationship. The problem, of course is that, even in the best of circumstances will be a long distance relationship. She is leaving for BCT and i am leaving for War. Yet, despite it all, I am still hopeful.

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