Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Save the world, or save yourself.

Choice: It comes to choice. Always there is a choice. there are very few moments in life where there is truly no choice at all. We build up barriers through our experiences. One cation can not be taken, because it is immoral, or another action can not be taken because it is far to difficult. There are even times where lack of insight is the number one factor in the lack of choices available. Be that as it may there is always a choice.

Look within: To live for yourself, to be selfish, at times has it's reward. There are very few that can not see at least some benefit in thinking about themselves. Your natural instinct will always be to save yourself. You can avoid danger, you can sidestep terror, but you can never get away from the simple fact that one is not stronger than many. If you live a selfish life you will be alone. While benefits may exist for a moment, they are often short lived, and you may not receive the kindness all humans come to expect.

Look Outward: To live for others, to be selfless, is often times thankless. there are always people out there that are truly selfless. they will drop everything to help others. It is not always necessary to rush into a burning building. Simply giving up some of your time can help. these are often our "heroes", and yet, in the end their lives can be just as empty as the selfish. Often the rewards are long lasting and you can always tell a selfless person by the tinniest vestiges of a smile. a hint of "i made a difference" painted on their faces. These people are often quick to laugh, and live for the moment. In the end the love they showed to others returns.

Exapmle: To look at modern day soldiers in the US Army, you see both sides. Often times there are people that will "blue falcon" (buddy fuck, although ironically enough the Air Force mascot) their battle buddies, for no apparent reason. And then you see the "heroes" who give selflessly and ask for nothing. As an unspoken "rule" it is expected that the man on the right and left would do the same damm thing. Modesty is a common virtue. A soldier will often say, "it was no big deal these other guys had it far worse than I". It is this facet that the public is so enamored with right now. Despite an unpopular war, despite the constant grind that often times amazes civilians, we keep on rucking.

Before each person lies a choice. Save the world or save yourself. You can always take the easy out. you can always get away from the torment you suffer. But in the end you must ask what have you truly accomplished? this is a question we must pose to ourselves, upon taking each action. What will I accomplish? The Hows are not always clear. Nor are the Why's. But simply asking what affect our actions will have often times will clear the confusion we face daily. My question i always ask myself, is always "is this right?" I can not stand the aberrant and immoral actions of many of the popular people in the world today.

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