Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas Madness

It has often been said, and indeed in some cases proven, that the message of Christmas has been lost on the masses. Right after Thanksgiving, hoards of people, more ravenous than the Huns, descends upon the multitude of Malls, and various consumer areas. The fights are fierce, and the haul is good. But in all of this, there is a message that is long forgotten. A message of desperation, and often of small miracles and kindness. It is the Spirit of Christmas that has often been written about, and which occasionally comes out, but, sadly more often than not is forgotten in the stampede to get gifts of various value for loved ones.

What I find most interesting, despite obvious money concerns, and the need to save, I, too have been taken in by this craze. The need to get gifts for important people (namely Lisa, my family, Gil and his family, and a few other notable mentions). Amazing. My credit card bill for the month is going to be outrageous.

How to show those you care, that you care, is often the greatest worry. If you get them a gift they don't like, then you have failed. It is a pressure that often breaks the hardiest of shoppers. A novice like myself, well you know, it is built into the society, and thus, i am a slave to the madness like everyone else. It seems, that this part of the year is what everyone looks forward to.

Strangely enough it appears that Christmas did not actually happen on 25th of December. The early church had made Christmas on the same day as a pagan holiday, as a way of(successfully) overshadowing that holiday. It is also lost that Easter is far more important in implication. I find it ionic that even atheists, and many non christian celebrate the "holidays". I also find it ironic the battle to say "Merry Christmas". It is sad that in their need to be recognized the liberal left seek to unravel the very fabric of our society. I would like to mention here that i have a live and let live philosophy. I don't belive in trying to subvert another's beliefs to make my own dominat. Often the fight for equality, goes farther than intended. Often it turns to the fight for dominace. which is why i often don't trust people fighting for equality. But that is beside the point.

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