Monday, November 20, 2006

I take my Leave of you.

Who knew that taking leave would be so freaking hard. I mean before i knew it was going to be PCS leave it was only going to be 10 days. Now it's gone all the way up to 20. On the one hand this is a good thing becaus I will leave CRDAMC (Carl R. Darnell Army Medical Center for laymens) earlier, but now i will have only two days of leave when i actually get to FT Riley. So what to do. I now am planning to final out on 21 Dec 06 and i will leave 22 Dec-10Jan. To be honest i think driving back to cali wouldn't be a bad idea, but then i also want (desperatly) to see Lisa. I made a promise to her. so i will see her off. which means hanging out at either El Paso or Pheonix till the third. and of course the drive up to my new hell.

All in all a hell of a road trip. I am up for it, but is my car? I've only driven that far once and to tell the truth i didn't want to repeat the experience. Still. Promises are promises. Though i truly hate to admit it family is family, and in (VERY) small doses can save your sainity. I have to wonder though, if it is better to just not tell them and show up or tell them. oh well I'll figgure it out.

One thing that is really pissing me off though is that i have been up for many many hours now, and i am WICKED tired. I really want to go to sleep. but of course everything needs to be done durring the day, and it is not at all convient if you work the night shift. What is a poor soul like me to do? i never thought these people would be trying to take their pound of flesh after they've already got my dignity.

one final function. One final gathering, and i am gone. Ah i won't miss this place a bit.

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