Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Warm Bed, and a Soft Pillow

Sleep. It's a vital function. It is where we allow our dreams to take flight, and it is also where we recharge after a long day. Often sleep is the only rest bit we get from our troubled careworn lives. Sleep is a beautiful thing. Often enough Soldiers go without. I personally have been going with out today. It was because of a call from Jodi at 830, and my dad at noon. You'd think after Twiss people would have learned it REALLY pisses me off when you fuck with my circadian rhythm. Of course Twiss was an obsessive, stalker, so i guess that's not a good example.

Still it's not enough to have a soft bed/pillow (something i will really miss when i leave). It is not enough to have a bed. You have to have something to look foward to when you wake up. You have to look foward to something when you go to sleep. Empty beds are not always welcoming. Ultimatly you have to have to have someone to sleep with. It's not just sex (though that can be important), it's having a warm body next to you, and knowing that that warmth will be there for you. Whether you are Male or female, and that other person is female or male.

When you are a child it is enough to simply know that the house is warm, and that you have love if you need it. when you become an adult, that warmth needs to be more personal. Even if the long married do it only out of habbit, it is still important to us all. Sleep is not for the weak. it is for everyone. only a few people know how to truly apriciate it. So when you go to sleep, in those tender moments, think of that which is safe and secure, the loyalties you need never question, and the love you need never ask for.

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Anonymous said...

i will always be here with you get up and when you go to sleep. we just may not be doing that in the same bed! but always remember that!