Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the Dork and Boredom

No matter what i do, i am a dork to most all women. Many years i fought this. Now, though i embrace the dork side. LOL. Yea and a nerd too. Did i mention that? lol. Well last night we were slammed, as usuall it was hell on earth until about 0300. didn't do me too much good. i was so tired from the paper work i had to do that i was practically walking into walls. never a good sign.

but after three, well Hinchee was bored, and so was I so from about 0530 on we were playing Table football. Then we had to actually do work and we played catch with the foam tape we use for foleys. Seriously i think Hinchee is going to be miserable without a fellow dork to keep him company.

I find that when i am bored, and i am with the right sort of people i get awfully mischevious. In fact i can be easily amused. It is not nessisarily a bad thing. I suppose my "love of life" is something that is attractive to people around me. hell what can i say.

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