Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Anger, Love and Descisions.

This, is Lisa.

So here's the skinny. She was staying with Cassy, and was absolutly miserable. I had never heard her cry before she got there. Well today she went to work, and now sits at a bus station waiting a trip to her sister's house in El Paso. Her parrents baisically said that if she didn't take this last chance to get out they wouldn't save her if it all went to hell. So naturally she took the out, as most people would. Her greatest worry is not that Cassy will hate her, but rather that i will hate her, and think she's a bad person. She needs, desperatly now to know that i don't think she's a bad person. Problem is the Bad people that i have meet have been so obviously evil that good and bad often take on larger scales

Unfortunatly, this leaves Cassy in a bind because she has no way to pay the rent, and her family has stated they WON'T take her back in, because she chose Lisa over them. She has a small son, and no job, with a moutain of debts. So the question remains, what to do?

It's almos plainly obvious to an outsider this is a case of he says she says (only they're both she's) . I can not take sides. Even though i am mor favorable to lisa, The simple fact remains that I am caught in the middle. I have become friends with Cassy, and Lisa. Complications abound. I can neither pass judgement, nor can i approve. So what is it to be? I can not save Lisa and i can not save Cassy from her situation.

So like the Democratic part i will stick my head in the sand and hope it goes away. Much like the screwey situation with my PCS, this couldn't have come at a worse time. So what do i Do? ultimatly i will do the best i can, and go from there. I will do as i prommised though. I will see lisa off to BCT. It is the least i can do. And who knows maybe there is something there. Maybe that is the face of my new girlfriend. of course she might just be another in a VERY long list of regrets. time will tell.

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Hope it all works out.

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