Sunday, April 13, 2008

Are All Women Insane or is it Just a Few?

Ok Lisa. . . If there is one thing I can not stand in anyone it is not being up front with someone (excepting of course in the case where someone is protecting another person) Now talking to Lisa last night, she said some raher disturbing things.

I had seen on her profile that she's engaged. Engaged? I think to myself, that can't be, I mean after all she doesn't really love Shaine, and she even told me on more than one occasion that she hates how he treats her. Think peice of meat. So i ask her about. Why yes, she is and she's been that way for a while. now i'm not sure if my jaw dropped, I'm pretty sure it did, but I can't remember. So i questioned further.

Number one question: if he said hey let's get married today, would you? Answer: no. Ok now I'm not reall up on the socail graces. Infact i have a tendancy to screw up relationships because I am too foward looking, but if i'm in a relationship with a person, and under the impression that I am going to get married, I'd hope that she would be pretty clear on it. In fact, I would rather that a woman break my heart, than lie to me and keep a charrade going. Do you love him? not sure. at this point I have to ask "HUGH?!?!"

Then she said to me that they wouldn't even get married till he gets back from Iraq in 15 months, so she had time to think about it and she wasn't even sure if he'd want to get married after Iraq. Now ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't been you probably wouldn't know, but I have not met a guy yet that has come back from Iraq and hasn't had family in some way shape or form on his mind. Hell two times later and I'm obsessed with it.

So I Baisically told her what she was saying not only made no sence it was absolutly INSANE!!! and i emphasized my point to the extreme to which she dug her heals in and I just sat there thinking, this can't be good. In the end we reached an impass, and I left feeling absolutly dirty. I won't lie I dislike Shaine, it's natural, I lost Lisa to him, but i hope to God he doesn't end up getting the same burn as i did.

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KD Cartlidge said...

Yes, all women are insane. We create our own reality and won't see anything else. You just have to look for the ones who's reality meshes with your own.