Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Football Monday

One of the few nice things about the army in this day in age is that from time to time thepublic will do nice things for you. Sometimes it's discounted rates to hotels, sometimes they'll move you to first class on a plant (which if you've never done before i HIGHLY recomend.)or letting you take a shower in the VIP lounge fter a long flight. I really havn't done anyhting like this lately.

Last night i got to go see an Arena football game. Interesting thing about AFL, it's not really the same as the NFL. The feild is WAY shorter. The plays are quicker, brutal, and the scores are way higher. One of the things I found funny was that Kansas City's team is called Kansas City Brigade, yet the logo is the B-2 Spirit. It makes me laugh for those that don't know, Brigade is an Army/Marine Corps thing. In the Air Force, the equilevant unit was a Wing. Doesn't really sound as cool


The game was pretty close, and more than once the ref called some calls that absolutly made no sence. In the end the Chicago "Rush" won the game. I really did not care who won. Football is football. It's one of the things that you can't really get away from in american culture. It's our verson of gladiators. Now blood is not spilled in such liberal qualities, but the combat can be just as brutal. With the great joy of TV, we can watch in slow motion the harsh combat, over and over again. It still is better to see in person i think. It feels more real.

But another thing I noticed, is that the Cheerleaders are a far more intrigral part of the game.


I sat pretty dam close to the feild, and it was actually kind of cool. I got to talk to a woman who had a friend on the dance team. Apparently there are two teams of "dancers". One of them is the "technical" team that are more inclined to do stunts the other pretty much just dance and look hot.

I found out thar apparently I was on TV a few times. That's pretty cool I almost want to go find out if anyone taped it just to see what i looked like on TV. Must be cool . I think that It's finally time for me to go out and enjoy myself. For the last three weeks I'd been shut up in my room, unable to break out of my shell. But I got a camera on Sat, and i started snapping pictures like a regular shutter bug. It worked out for me pretty great when I went to the AFL game.

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