Monday, April 21, 2008

Household Good madness

Well they're here at last. My Household goods. ALL the shit I had in Texas, and Hawaii showed up at ONE time. Needless to say it has made WALKING (to say nothing of cleaning) all but impossible. I can not rember, now, HOW I managed to store all this stuff, what I do know is that there is no way in hell i can keep this the way it is.

Still, in a way it was pretty cool to go through all this stuff. I had just about every issue of Army Times (i know it's a bad habbit but i never throw the dam things out) that i ever bought. I could look back and laugh about the articles that did come true, and the ones that were horribly wrong. But more than that, I was physically reconected to my past. What do i mean by this? Well to have physical reminders of the person I used to be. It is not often that a person runns across such things, and it made me smile.

Certainly it has lifted my mood a small amount. Not to a jubilant level, or even a happy level (for there is a lot of work involved) but to an amused level. It was enough that I actually smiled. I am glad, all things considdered that I was able to see these reminders of who and what I am. It was almost like i was indiana Jones, descovering some lost relic.

The downside. . . I have neither the time, nor inclination to go through it all, and I have more than few official looking documents that I need to either disgaurd or keep. I think that (for the most part) they will all be disguarded, but in this day in age to prevent identity theft they'd all need to be burned. That presents a bit of a problem. Reciets in the parking lot are onething. At least a couple boxes worth of paper. . . quite another. Add to that that there is a fire danger (with allo the brush around) and you have a resipe for disaster if not handeled carefully. Plus, I'm not the woodsman I once fancied myself. I kind of do need a permit for burning.

the hard part now, is actually finding the things i need to go about my daily life. I can't find my shaver, and lord alone knows where my toothbrush is. I suppose the only solidly good news is that When all is said and done, it feels like a peice of me has returned. Not the peice that was missing mind you, but a peice none the less.

It's going to take DAYS to get this crap cleaned out. God help me.

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