Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another weird dream

I have no idea what all this means but maybe its because I've been watching a lot of the Fox show "bones"

So I'm teaching a class of some kind (i'm Morgan freeman or samual L Jackson, not sure which) and Lisa walks in and sits down at one of the desks. I have no idea what I'm teaching and I have no idea who all the kids at the desk are, but i get interupted by her mother, who apparently is some sort of socialite and wants her daughter (Lisa) to be given special treatment.

At this point Lisa goes into convulsions, and some one kneals by her and says "she's had a baby" in that shocked voice you usually get in a mystery show. Then somehow I find out that she's strung out on Coke, Meth and God knows what else. I have no Idea what this all means, but it goes to trial, and from the 3rd person Morgan Freeman/Samual L. Jackson, looks right at the socalite mother and tells all about how this death is the mother's fault, always trying to cover the faults.

I have NO idea what all the symbolism is behind this really weird ass dream, so if anyone can figgure it out that'd be great.

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