Thursday, June 26, 2008

Writers Strike still suckin

Ok first off There is nothing on this Earth more annoying than the well off or the semi-well off saying they don't have enough money, or their needs aren't met. Its the same as people sent to prison saying that they are being treated cruelly, because they can't watch TV, or their cells are too small. The Writers Strike always struck me as A), Selfish B), Pointless and C), more hastle then it was worth.

While it is important that folks get their due, entertainers are, by nature, servants to the people. Every person involved in thesbianic arts (acting for you of 4th grade intelligence) are servants of the people. Their job is this: to entertain the masses. Yes its not an easy existance, but lets face it what other lifestyles garner so much acclaim? A man can work hard his whole life, and after he's gone he might be rememberer fondly but eventually, sooner or later he will be forgotten. A writter or actor or director can write one piece of crap and be remembered for many years after their gone. Hell Shakespeare is still being drudged up every generation, and his themes are as baisic as they come (and probably heavily inspired by Greek litature)

What bothers me most about the writers strike is that it has made almost all television lame. Seasons are cut sometimes to a third of their size, sometimes far more, and the ones that aren't cut down too far are left with the uber lame half finnished Arc that is really hard to fix. Case in point Bones. Pretty much all of the Gormagon Arc was good right up until the last episode. The twist was good, and I would have done it myself but the twist and how they wrapped it all up was just far too hurried. Its like they compressed what should have been three episodes into 15 mins. And the actual Gormagon? LAME! what a let down, from a series I had grown to really like.

need more examples? Heroes, Four episodes in it just STOPPED. I can't really say I like the direction they went. Seriously this whole thing sucks. I hate these Hollywood types. They are there to entertain ME, not to brow beat me with their adgenda and make everything lame.

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