Thursday, June 12, 2008

Iron Man Vs. The Tornado

I don't know why, but last night I had a sudden hankering to go see Iron Man one last time before it left theaters (to be replace no doubt by another Marvel figure, the Incredible Hulk). I headed over to Manhattan round about 2000, and I could see these white flufft clouds with some extreme fireworks going on inside. It seemed like a metaphore for me. Always the calm exterior with so much chaos inside.

I didn't think *too* much of it, and I probably should have, but the previous night's lighting display really bothered me. So I was going to go see a movie to take my mind off of it. After all what are the odds of an extreame storm hitting the same area twice in two days. What are the odds indeed.

I got my ticket, popcorn, drink and choclate covered raisins, and headed to the theater. After The prolouge ended it started to show Ironmand in his escape, and then the lights flickered on and the projections stoped in mid frame. I'm thinking there was *another* malfunction, like the time Speed racer's sound cut out. Then this girl comes in and says that there's a tornado warning and the safest place to be is actually in the theater, next to the screen.

So I sat down and waited. The company was not the greatest in the world, and the movie theater staff kept comming to "check" on us, and even though they were in a position of nominal authority, there was really little that seemed to phaise the folks that where in the tyheater while the staff had that air of barely controled panic.

Now don't get me wrong, when the wind started really howling I got a little spooked, I mean I'm from San Diego, we don't have to deal much with natural disasters (NO WE DON'T HAVE EARTHQUAKES EVERY OTHER DAY!!!). The girl (seeing as she was more Tween than teen) was telling me over and over again that it'd be alright, that its ok and all that jazz. Really I think I was calmer than she was. But that's beside the point. The funniest thing of all is when the smokers absolutly HAVE to have a cig in the middle of a crissis situation. It always makes me laugh. Also the three guys that came together to see it were about the dumbest folk I'd met so far, and one was talking with a serous San Fransisco Lisp.

All told I didn't get let out of there till almost an hour after the movie WOULD have ended, having to spend at least an hour and a half in emergency lighting. Thankfully my car was undamaged and as I was driving back to Riley, I heard all manner of things includding the fact that a real live tornado had actually struck less than a mile down the road, and flipped a few cars at the Toyota dealership. The irony is that in order to get away from the storm I *unknowingly* headed towards it, and almost to the spot where it would have actually caused me harm.

Well they said I could come back and watch any other movie I want so I guess I'll be taking them up on that offer, sans, ofcurse the tornadoes.

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M said...

I've been meaning to see that movie! I might check it out.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that watches movies solo. It's perfect for quiet time.