Friday, June 27, 2008


I've been putting it off for a long while, and I's been something I've been wanting to do well since I got back this last time. That's right folks, get a tatoo. It started off seeing what Nea, the big Samoan on Rear D. He did great work, and I figured hell I'll get something cheap, that says something about me. Looking back on it my first idea was a bit too ambitious. I was going to get a caduceus down my back. the WHOLE back. Starting off at T1, and ending at L5. that's just below the neck and just short of the ass for those that don't know.

Well I FINALLY made the move of getting an apt. at Twisted Apple in Manhattan. I was really nervous, and not sure about it all. Well long story short, A week later (today) there I am. But I found out that my idea (dog tags on the foot with names and dates) wouldn't have worked out so well. The guy who would be doing it was pretty cool about it, said I had a half hour and I could decide what I wanted. So I fell back to the "soldier's cross" Again for those that don't know what it is, it's the traditional grave marker for soldiers. Symbolized by a rifle stuck into the ground with a bayonet, boots, in front of it, Dog tags hanging from the grip, and a helmet on top. I asked that there be 4 tags, symbolizing the 4 soldiers I'd lost so far in Iraq, and that it look like the wind were blowing the tags. He drew up a picture, which I thought looked very nice, and I decided to put it on the left calf on the outside. That was the easy part.

The hard part was sitting still. I knew once he put that needle in me I had been right to be nervous. It HURT! the whole time he was drawing the outline alone I was twitching involuntarily, ESPECIALLY when he hit a particular nerve cluster tight around where the carrying handle is on the M-16. I couldn't help it, it's like when the doctor hits your knee with the little rubber hammer. But that was just the OUTLINE.

Then came the shading, and, strangely enough that didn't hurt nearly as much as the outline did. Odd because it was a big ass thing he was using. Maybe I was just getting used to it. But let me tell you, I was paying as much attention to Dr Phil, and his crappy psychobabble as I could. I was laughing at his "house of hate", the OCD mom with panic attacks, the "home makeover" for the folks that had a home invasion. Well it took my mind off it didn't it? If the guy wants to toot his own horn, fine, but really I don't get what is so great about him. He's kind of stating the obvious, and doing what any shrink would do or suggest with unlimited money. Thank God I was out of there before Opera came on. I have no problem with daytime talk shows but they're geared to women. Listen to too much and I might as well cut off my testicles and start "shopping" and giving a crap about what looks good with what and what I'm trying to say wearing different colors. Want to know what I'm saying LOOK AT THE SHIRT IDIOT. It usually says loud and clear how I feel or what I'm trying to say about myself.

Also I took a lot of cash that I'd saved up in my desk drawer. Glad I did to. Originally it was going towards a spiffy camera, but the tattoo works out just as well. $175! If I hadn't saved up there'd be no WAY I'd be able to go to Herman's wedding. what with gas prices and all. In the end I was able to knock it down to $40 on my card. It was both a big relief and a bit of a painful moment. I know its weird, I can spend a hundred dollars getting movies and games at Wal Mart without batting an eye, but if I get anything like shoes, clothes, TV, and now apparently Tattoos, I go into frugal mode. I've never understood how I have no problem driving myself into debt with a lot of little purchases, but let me get something big, and I get real nervous.

Well after that I limped my sorry ass back to the room, and waited a few hours to peel the bandage off and take the shower. I was a little freaked that it had bleed through, and I'm sire Erika did a bit too when i told her about it, but its all good. After the shower, I saw just how raw and irritated it was. Strangely enough this wasn't something that took a lot og getting used to. Not like a scar or a new haircut. As soon as the bandage came off it was like it had always been there, I'd just never seen it. How odd is that?

Well I'm glad with the outcome. But feel free to comment.

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Now that's cool, not to mention you are a good story teller lol