Sunday, June 22, 2008

Douche Bags!!!

Did I ever mention I HATE MPs? No? Ok well those guys can be the biggest dicks ever. I had finally decided to get a *normal* dinner at the BBQ petes or whatever its called out back of Target in Manhattan. The meal was great. The ribs were insanely awsome. best corn bread I've had in a long while, and all that jazz. I actually made a concious choice to go eat and not go see a movie as I usually do. Why you ask? because 1). I was spending too much ($8 bucks a night isn't cheap) and 2). I simply wanted to sit down and eat.

so after this rocking meal. I head back to base. I get through the gate no problem, and on the way back I see an MP car waiting at the Softball feild. So I turn there, beause I frankly HATE having MPs behind me for any reason. and get this they actually turn around and start following me!!! its insane! So I'm starting to really freak out cuz these guys are right on my ass, and I've seen more than one movie that didn't end well.

Well I make my way (doing 15 the whole way) back to the parking lot, I park my car AND THEN they turn on their lights. they come up behind me and say that they pulled me over for NOT USING MY TURN SIGNAL oh and the small bit of expired tags. I told them that I'd been told that the tags were good till next year so they offered to let me go out and check. I check sure enough the tags expired one month after I got the plates.

So they let me off with a warning after completly making me jump out of my skin! which means that I'm going to be stuck here all weekend. GOD I HATE MPs!!!

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