Thursday, June 5, 2008

Second Chances.

It is strange. I usually think myself a forgiving man, but it is clear to me that recent experiences have left me feeling well at best jadded at wort cynical. I suppose looked at from the outside I wait till there is one wrong thing, and thats it. Ever since I got back and that whole mess happened, well I haven't trusted women as far as I could throw them. I don't think that this attatude is nessisarily wrong either. To date a lot of women in my life have proven untrustworthy.

Just the day before yesterday I had a mid-sized (not long not short) conversation with an old aquaintance (won't say who) but it caused me to re-evaluate myself, what had happened with Lisa and all that. The running therory is that Lisa's personality is the fast and fancy free. It was insinuated that she is looking for a free ride, and always has. That "a person like that doesn't change overnight". I'd pretty much done everything up to and including blaming myself, cursing everyone that was in love and all that jazz. In the end I had to let go of all that.

Then it was Lisa herself that said something that kind of took me aback. "I may not be dating you but I'm still your friend." and that the reason she hadn't been talking to me was that she was hoping I'd forgive her. Somehow despite it all she still hopes I approve of her. How odd.

And finally there is Erika. I seem to be in that "just friends" mode but at the same time the things she says to me would make most folks with a platonic relationship a little nervous (or excited depending on the case). Just when I start to give up hope (and that whole tumor stunt was pulled) She starts getting into it. It's really weird. One second she wants all these All-American dreams, the next she is just a friend and I can get the time but that's about all. Serously its enough to make a guy's head spin.

Look ladies no matter what we guys say yes we love that you over complicate things, because you often help us see things in a different light, but for the love of all things HOLY why can't you keep it simple?!? I have suffered more headaches in the past seven months because women are so Damed incomprehensible!!! There's no rhyme or reason, no logic and above all no acountability. That's probably why women bother me so much haha.

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M said...

It's unbelievably sexist, but it made me laugh. I think you need a laugh.