Monday, June 2, 2008


I was just banging around and watching the very latest in the news online, Which for me is a bit of a switch, having avoided all the "news" channels like the plague. Honestly I don't know when all the news outlets became a liberal gossip rag, but it's like watching the political version of E!. I honestly don't care if one guy or another says one thing or another, and since I'm not a democrat I couldn't give two shits and a handshake WHO wins the DNC convention.

But then I heard something truly disturbing to me. Sen. Obama actually would visit with the Iranian president. He actually defended that position. At first I thought it was some sort of joke, and then it went further to say that he believed that America was a symbol of oppression in certain parts of the world, and that the Star Spangled Banner should be changed to be "less war like" I was absolutely flabbergasted.

So I honestly want to know. How can ANYONE defend some of the positions he has. He is advocating talking to a cold calculating murder. Lest everyone forget that the know how and, material for making EFPs comes from the Iranian "Revolutionary Guard". Insurgent elements like Badr Brigade, and Jaysh al-Mahdi, and god alone knows how many others are funded taught, and supplied by Iran. I don't know the exact stats and to be honest i really don't care. Every time I think about it, i see Craig's body, and i hear that awful sound as he tried (in vain) to breathe.

As for people seeing the American flag as a symbol of oppression I bet Dollars to Denars that the number that see it as a symbol of freedom, hope and opportunity far outweigh the number that see it as oppressive. Look at EVERY major disaster outside the Continental US, and you'll see Americans there, like Johnny on the spot ready willing and able to aid anyone that asks. Myanmar, and China wouldn't let us, in, but you bet we'd have been fast roping SAR teams if they'd given us the green light. hell there's folks out here that LIVE for that kind of mission.

Whats worse is that dislike of the current President's policies has allowed people to get elected that have their heads shove so far up their asses that all they smell is shit. Honestly How can you really know whats going on if you sit comfortable in Washington DC, and never get off your kester and go forth and find out for yourself.

What really bothers me, what absolutely disturbs me, is not the fact that some fool is saying this, nor the fact that it is only getting moderate attention from the mainstream media, no what really bothers me is that people actually agree with it. Its like watching lemmings all marching off over a cliff. I do not honestly know HOW any nation on earth could survive if its leaders have their heads up their asses.


M said...

And that is why I hate Hippies.

I don't know anything about American politics, but I do know that this Obama guy is naive.

There's an American presence abroad because they're the only military that is able to handle that kind of manpower. Thousands, millions, would give an arm AND a leg to live on this side of the Atlantic. You take the Western military forces out of foreign countries, and they're all going to start killing each other while their people starve and blow themselves up trying to fight the wrong people.

I get just as pissed off when people tell me we shouldn't be in Afghanistan. I could write pages as to why we should have been there decades ago.

I'm not kidding when I say anyone who wants to be President should serve 5 years in their military.

The Mad Medic said...

try reading "Starship Troopers" in that a person could be a resident and have the rights and privliges of a resident but to be a citizen you had to serve. really interesting.

M said...

I'll check it out. :)