Sunday, June 15, 2008

May the Fanboy be with you

Ok so the night before I saw Iron Man. Then last night I saw the Incredible Hulk. Now this is different from the last Hulk movie in the main part that it didn't suck! First off its not an origin story. Second, anyone that liked the tv series, will notice a lot of things that are similar. The "gamma" scene is very simimar to the show, and also at one point the very familiar piano theme is heard, and for the most part Bruce Banner spends his time alone, much like the serries.

Second, and perhaps the most important, unlike almost every single other super hero movie to date, it actually acknowleges that there are other superheroes. There's nods to Captain America (Super Soldier), Nick Furry, even a cameo at the end (I'm not going to say who). And a quick mention that will have fanboys wetting their pants. This movie clearly sets up sequils and even crossover movies.

However unlike DC which has an exclusive contract with Warner Brothers, Marvel pretty much goes with everyone. Also there's a question of how the hell you'd get all the stars together to do such a movie. I mean when some stars pull $20M a flixk getting five together for such a movie would make it close to a record breaker just to make!!!

I will say this for sure. woe to the poor soul that tries to make such a movie. The hype would make anything less then perfect a complete let down.

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